Books by Pastor Jeff King

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The Bible meets James Patterson and Stephen King…
Just when you thought you knew the whole story…
Experience “The Greatest Story Ever Told”
as it’s never been told.
Available NOW in hardcover, softcover and for Kindle on  and in the bookstore at Christ Church.
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Go on an astonishing journey with
Jeff King, whose “Christmas Miracle”
made international headlines. You’ll meet the real Jesus face to face and experience firsthand the most dramatic moments in history. 
Through it all, you’ll gain a new perspective on your problems and find the power to pick yourself up…when life knocks you down.
Based on the book fall guy,
this seven-week spiritual adventure provides practical lessons, spiritual action steps,
and even Weekly Memory Verses
from the Bible.  In short, it’s your
personal prescription for becoming
the “Ultimate Optimist!”
We all have a few.  They’re the people who push our buttons.  They annoy us.  They irritate us. They rub us the wrong way.  And they’re everywhere! They inhabit the places we live and work – and worship! So we’d better learn how to disarm them.  That’s what this book is for.
Available on, Barnes and, and in the bookstore at Christ Church.