A Great Work

I don’t know who this is going to speak to today … I don’t know who’s feeling this, but …

  • I’m visualizing maybe a young mom … and you’re trapped in the house by this virus. Sometimes you feel exhausted, just wiped out.  And I hope you’ll hear this, you’ll feel this, because maybe you’re wishing you could do other things with your life right now.  And I hope you realize that this season won’t last forever.  And this just might be the best time you ever have to make some memories with those kids that will last a lifetime.  And you can show them your faith and your strength and how your family can’t be broken.  And guess what?  What you’re doing right now is a great work.  Embrace that great work.  This season will pass, but the mark you make on those kids will never pass …. Young moms.  You’re doing a great work.
  • I’m visualizing someone trying to pay off debt … and it is a slow dollar by dollar uphill climb and the hill feels so big. But whenever the enemy tells you that you’ll never make it, that it’s not worth it, just say, “You get off my back!  I’m doing a great work.  I’m doing what God has called me to do for my family and for my future” ….  You’re doing a great work.
  • I’m visualizing someone trying to love someone. Maybe its your child and you just can’t seem to reach them.  Maybe it’s your husband and his heart is just so hard.  And you feel like giving up.  You feel like walking out.  But I want you to say, “I’m not going to give up on this relationship.  I’m not going to walk out when this gets messy” …  You’re doing a great work.
  • I’m visualizing someone battling addiction … It’s a fight every day. And these days you can’t even go to a meeting, because of this virus.  So, you call your sponsor.  And talk it out.  And you know you can live one day at a time and you can make it through this day.  You say, “I’ve been clean 90 days and I’m going to make it to 91” …  You’re doing a great work. 
  • I’m visualizing someone with a real heart for something, a vision for something, and you want to make a difference. And it seems like you take two steps forward and three steps back.  But you don’t give up the fight.  You’re going to stay in the game, because you know you haven’t lost until you quit ….    You’re doing a great work.

Let’s bow our heads and go to God.  Let me ask you this: What is it that’s got you feeling tired … like giving up … like just throwing in the towel? 

Is it this virus?  Is it your health?  Maybe it’s your finances right now.  This is a crazy time and I know so many of you have lost your job.  Maybe it’s that addiction that won’t stop whispering in your ear, pulling at you.  Maybe you’re just so tired of staying home – not getting out for school, for work, for friends. 

Let me just say this.  As the voice of Jesus, the Lord of Love:  You’re doing a great work.  Don’t give up. 

Just pray: Dear Lord Jesus,  Help me take it one day at a time.  Help me keep working until the job is done.  The truth is, I’ve come to see that I can’t do it by myself.  I wasn’t designed for it.  I need You in my life. 

Lord, I bring my whole self to You right now.  I want to trade my weakness for Your strength, my weariness for Your energy.  I want to trade my anxiety for Your perfect peace, my chaos for Your calm confidence.

And on day, when I breathe my last breath in this world, I ask You to take me safely to heaven, where You’ll have a home waiting for me. 

I pray this in Your name, Amen. 

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