Humble Pie

Today we’re looking at that verse in the Bible that says, “Love is not conceited or proud.” (1 Corinthians 13:4) In other words, if you want good relationships, if you want to love life … you’ve got to learn humility.
What is humility? It’s not a lack of confidence. It’s not a low opinion of yourself. It’s not putting yourself down. Jesus was the most humble person who ever lived, but He never put Himself down. Jesus was very humble, but He was very confident.
Let me give you a healthy definition of humility:
Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking more of others.
That’s true, healthy humility. It’s thinking of others, not just thinking of yourself. It’s being other-person centered, not me-centered. The Bible says, like all aspects of love, this is something you’ve got to practice to get good at.
 “Give preference to one another.” (Romans 12:10) Let the other person go first.
I remember a quote from the great orchestra conductor Leonard Bernstein. He was asked, “What’s the most difficult instrument to play in the orchestra?” He answered, “Second fiddle.”
Well, how true! Everyone wants the top spot. Do you know what? There are like 20 violins in the orchestra, but only one can be in the premier chair. Everyone else had to play backup. But without everyone else, you don’t have an orchestra and you aren’t making the music!
How does that play out in your life? To paraphrase Romans 12:10, “Practice playing second fiddle.” Put others before yourself.
Let’s Pray.
Dear Heavenly Father, I want to be the kind of person that You can bless. I admit that I often do things out of selfishness and pride and fear of what others might think of me. I ask You to help me practice these habits of humility.
Help me give preference to others – to their needs, their interests. Help me learn to genuinely applaud the success of others and give credit to others. Help me admit when I’m wrong, Father. I need to be open to criticism and correction.
Today, I surrender all of my life and all of my future plans to You. I want Your will for my life. Father God, I turn over the controls of my life to You. And I humbly ask You to be the director of my life. I want to depend on You from this day forward.
In the Name of Your Son Jesus, Amen.

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