Prayer for Troubled Times

Dear Jesus,


These are difficult days.  We are in uncharted waters.  The good news is: We’re in the boat with you.  We may be in uncharted waters.  There may be dark clouds overhead.  The wind might be against us.  But we’re in the boat with you.  And, so, we’re not going to sink. 


Lord Jesus, I ask You to stretch out Your tender hand and just place it on the shoulder of anyone who needs reassurance.  May they feel Your presence in the storm, your nearness, in an almost tangible way.  Lord Jesus, may they feel You say these words, deep inside their heart, “Peace.  Be still.  My peace I give to you.  I will never abandon you; I will never forsake you.”


Now, everybody, think about your own prayer needs … What do you need in your life the most right now? …


Lord Jesus, make that – that very thing – come true for them.  Provide for them.  Meet their needs.  Strengthen them.  Calm their uncertainties.  


We pray in the Name of the Lord of Love, Amen. 

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