When Life Stinks

September 11, 2020
When Life Stinks
Give the fertilizer time to work.
There was a young woman who grew up in a very difficult environment. Her father died when she was just six years old, and her mother was on dialysis. When other kids were out playing with their friends or doing cheerleading, she was at home taking care of her mom, running the kidney machine. By the time she was 12, she had to do all the grocery shopping, cook for the family, and get her little brother dressed and ready for school.
It seemed like she was at a disadvantage. But just because something is unfair doesn’t mean God doesn’t have a great future for you … if you give it some time.
This young woman didn’t complain or feel sorry for herself. Despite all the odds stacked against her, she worked hard in high school and got a full scholarship to college. She went on to get her Masters and then a Doctorate. Today she’s super successful in the corporate world and she’s happily married with three kids.
Here’s my question: Why do some people in the same type of situation struggle through life? Why do some people in the exact same situation live defeated, always complaining about their problems – while others overcome the odds and flourish?
The answer is: It’s how we approach life. We all have stuff that stinks; we all have unfair situations, things we don’t like. You can get bitter and discouraged … or you can see it as fertilizer and say, “This difficulty is not going to defeat me; it’s going to promote me. It’s not going to hinder me; it’s going to help me.”
So, the next time you see that person at work who gets on you nerves, instead of getting upset, just smile and say to yourself, “You’re just fertilizer. You stink, but you’re helping me grow.” Just look at them and say to yourself: “You think you’re pushing me down, but you’re really pushing me up.” Say, “I know a secret. It’s all just fertilizer. It’s going to cause me to bloom, and blossom, and flourish.”

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