Women’s Ministry
Secret Sisters has begun! February 11 was our first Sunday.
Notes and gifts can be placed and found on our Secret Sister table in the Information and Opportunities area of the Great Room at Church.
This is a 6 week program ending in a special reveal luncheon (details TBA).
if you have any questions, please call Sally Ingalls at 413.454.8363.

Save the Dates and Mark Your Calendar!

Sunday, February 25 – Art with a Heart in the UnderGrind
This painting event is limited to 15 participants. Sign up this weekend
at our Ministry Fair or call the church office at 569-5151 and ask for Margo.
Women’s Bible Study in the works for March.
Keep checking back for more info!
Contact Laura Simoneau if you’re not already and would like to be on our text/email list!
You can find her at: 413-455-9575

Come to the Table: Matters of the Heart: Day Retreat on March 2

 Hosted by Michele Suhocki and Val Liptak

Michele Suhocki & Val Liptak
The heart is considered the seat of love in the human body. The place where our emotions and desires dwell. This day we will look at what scripture says about our hearts. There will be talks, small group discussions, and opportunities for quiet time.
Click below to register!
Here are the ideas that were shared at our potluck last season:
• pizza & game night
• movie night
• gathering to help fulfill a need for our church- cleaning, gardening, etc.
• Women’s retreat -for just a day, locally or away for the weekend
• Women’s conference- like BLOOM held at a local church
• Christian concert- like MercyMe
• Women’s Bible study
• expanding on CLC’s Care Team to meet the needs of our church members
• bus trip
• day trip to nearby location- like Magic Wings
• craft night
• afternoon at a local vineyard-like Lost Acres or Kosinski’s
• meet & greet at the Daily Grind

Please forward any and all ideas that you have for future Women’s ministry events!
Laura Simoneau
Women’s Ministry Facilitator